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No synthetic fragrance. No fillers. No preservatives.

Scents4youteam.com is your best source for scented body oils, burning oils, shea butter, and more. We have 26 years experience in the industry producing top-quality, all-natural scented oils. All of our products are made from the finest ingredients and have the same scents as designer, brand-name perfumes and colognes. Our designer interpretations come from essential oils and botanicals, never from synthetic fragrance or chemicals. We don't believe in "cutting" our products with water, alcohols, or fillers. They are in their purest form when you get them. This means you can use less of the product, it will last longer, and, in the end, it saves you money!

Scents4youteam.com PO Box 110571 Nashville, TN 37222 Call Now 615-419-8180 if you have any questions. We also offer FREE SHIPPING And every 3 bottles purchased the same size) the 4th is free, add free products as you check out Thanks For Your Business

We have a large selection of all natural body oils, in a variety of forms, at great prices.  Order everything online for your convenience, we ship world-wide!  Enjoy a wide variety of products online, and in our Scents store, including:

-Body oils for women
-Men Scents
-Bath and body works type fragrances and products
-All natural scented candles
-Organic and natural soaps
-All natural scented body scrubs
-Designer type lotions and sprays
-Oil burners

Order your scents, body oils, body sprays, lotions, scrubs, candles and more online and save money over other companies!

Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service to you, our customer. Let us know if we can do something to make your visit more enjoyable. Thank you.

Scents 4 You Disclaimer

Due to the highly subjective nature of a scent, there are very few scents that are trademarked in the US. Instead, perfume and cologne manufacturers protect their name, logo, and packaging of their products. The designer names used on Scents 4 You are the property of their respective manufacturers/designers.

Scents 4 You has no affiliation with the manufacturers/designers listed on its site. Our interpretation of these scents was created through Natural analysis,And the purpose of this description is to give the customer an idea of scent, not to mislead the customer. It is not intended to infringe on the manufacturer's/designer's name and valuable trademark. We do not represent our products to be original nor do we represent that they are exact copies. Any references to brand names are made strictly for comparison.

The Benefits of Using a Body Scrub

Top 4 reasons to use body scrubs:

  1. To remove dead skin
  2. For oily skin, a body scrub is a way to unplug pores, clean underneath and provide healthy young skin


Benefits of Raw African Black Soap

Raw African Black Soap is made in West Africa from palm oil, kernel oil, and water. The aroma and deep rich color result from the centuries old extraction process that blends the two ingredients together resulting in the finest skin cleanser available.


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Top Ten Scents

For Women

  1. Creed Love in White
  2. Donna Karen Cashmere Mist
  3. Aquolina Pink Sugar
  4. Gucci Guilty-Black
  5. Abercrombie-Fitch #8
  6. Amber White
  7. Bond No.9
  8. Bebe Love Limited Edition
  9. Baby Phat Dare Me
  10. Burberry Body Intense

For Men

  1. Abercrombie Fitch Fierce
  2. Bond No.9 New Haarlem
  3. Clive Christian 1872
  4. Sean John Unforgivable Night
  5. Dolce Gabbana Light Blue Dreaming
  6. Hugo Boss Night
  7. Calvin Klein In2U
  8. Donald Trump Empire
  9. Chanel Bleu
  10. Alfred Dunhill Desire